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On a Spiritual Note

My name is Tracy Brusman and I grew up in The San Francisco Bay Area. For as long as I can remember, I have been on a spiritual path. 

Trusting the Spirit Within

For weeks, I felt a strong feeling that I needed to paint a Buddha. The message was very clear “Paint a Buddha."  I didn't have the faintest clue on how to draw or paint a Buddha, but I went ahead and followed my intuition and painted a buddha on canvas.   After finishing painting my first buddha, I heard my inner voice say “paint another Buddha” …so I did.  I set the intention, ignored my inner critics, let go and just started creating and painting while staying non- attached on the outcome.  This was fun and it felt so good! 


After painting around five Buddha’s, my inner voice whispered “Now you need to give workshops with Buddha”.  When I heard this message, my initial thoughts were ..Workshops?  My mind suddenly flashed back to all those "mandatory" three hour workshops that I sat through for years and I equated workshops with PTS.  


A few more weeks had passed, and now I had painted a total of ten Buddhas, all types and sizes and loving the process. I'm not talking about beautiful pieces of art here, I'm talking about fun paintings that resembles a Buddha. It was so fun to see what was coming out on the canvases and I felt like Spirit was communicating to me through my paintings. I found it fascinating and healing.

One evening I had all the Buddha paintings lined up in along the walls of my room.  Each painting has its own energy.  It felt like a spiritual intervention!  As I sat there pondering on what to do with all of these Buddha paintings, a beautiful feeling of love and calmness came over me – almost like a flowing river and my inner voiced whispered once again … “Do the workshops”.  At that exact moment, I had a vision and the feeling of walking out of a forest that I had been living in for many years.  My clothes were old and dirty and In the near distance ahead, I could finally start to see some light. As I kept walking, I felt the warmth of the sun shinning on my body while feeling very relieved, like a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders and as I kept walking, the energy in my room felt like love - unconditional love.  


Maybe I was having a spiritual awakening, a super soul moment, or maybe I was having a visual hallucination; but whatever it was, the experience was beautiful.  The gift is in the mystery.  There is one thing I do know for sure - I knew at that exact moment, it was time to listen to my heart, follow my intuition and to trust the spirit within.