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Welcome! My name is Tracy Brusman and I'm the creator of Brushing Kindness.  I offer intuitive painting sessions to woman support groups, individuals & private groups. 

I have a unique depth of experience within the Transformational community, working in the Personal Growth Industry with a background that includes high-profile event production.

I am a fundraising professional with more than fifteen years experience in Fund Development.

I worked in the non-profit arena in Fund Development - Fundraising in the San Francisco Bay Area for several social service agencies that included a broad range of fundraising projects.  I have produced many events including: Celebrity event with guitarist, Carlos Santana, renowned author,

Isabel Allende, Festivals and Fundraisers. Events have ranged from the intimate to the grand.

I am a proud mom to one awesome son (a Global Citizen).  I'm a hiker; the trails are my church, my home.  I encounter a lot of bobcats, coyotes and so far three mountain lions. 

My Art Process

When it comes to painting, I am self-taught. 

My artwork is less about creating a beautiful

piece of art and more about setting the intention

& letting go. It's about the journey and embracing

the mystery. Process is Queen. 

(Tracy's Artwork & What's New)