Tracy’s Artwork & What's New!

I'm working on an
art project
called "111 Buddha
Paintings." I still have a ways to go.
I'm offering 1 on 1 
private Intuitive
Painting sessions.
It's so much fun & freeing!

Check out my
YouTube channel under Tracy Brusman. I'm still working on getting 1K subscribers.
"Small Works" Juried Show, 2020 
Graton Gallery,
Graton, CA
In May 2021, I moved from The Bay Area to the California Central Coast.
I needed a change! I still

have family & friends there, so I will be visiting a lot. But I truly know what it means to leave your heart in San Francisco.

My art process is less about creating a beautiful piece of art and more about setting the intention & letting go. It's all about the journey and embracing the mystery. 
Here are a few of my Buddha Paintings 

Art Journaling has no rules.  It’s whatever you want it to be!  For me, it's about letting go & embracing the mystery behind the feminine archetypes that seem to unfold on my pages.  Plus it's great therapy!

Mixed Media
 Other Works of Art
2Inner Journey 3.jpeg