This heart-based - peaceful and fun workshop centers on the topics of Kindness and seeing the Goodness in people.

You will be painting The Buddha.

You will learn about self-compassion - how to let go of fear of making mistakes, develop confidence by working through blocks - awaken creative thinking. 

The Creative Process:

This is easy - fun - I can do this.

This is hard - I hate this - I'm terrible.

Wow - not bad - who knew.

That was awesome!

Taking this art workshop together with fellow workers is a great way to increase cohesiveness, promote bonding and the development of trust among people who comes from all different walks of life.  Participants' experiences and paintings illustrate that everybody looks at the same thing differently and that everyone's point of view is valid. 

No experience with drawing or painting is necessary. There is no such thing as a mistake. This is not about learning to paint or creating a beautiful piece of art; it’s about the process and allows room for individual creativity. 

Through a guided process, you will start to layer colors freely on a 12" x 16" white blank canvas using acrylics. Each layer will be showing you a different layer of yourself.  As you become more comfortable and connected to your free and expressive self, you will be guided on drawing the outline of your Buddha's face.  Once you have added more colors and layers to your painting, you'll start to see your Buddha come forward.  
Halfway through the painting process, you will paint in silence, although music will be playing in the background.  We will share and debrief afterwards. 
During the show & tell, there tends to be a lot of humor and laughter in the room.  

Hang your painting in your office!  Create an inspirational wall at the workplace and feature all the unique Buddha paintings!  It will be a reminder of the workshop and a talking point for many years to come.


 — Understanding the importance & benefits of Kindness and Self-Compassion

 — Layering technique which equates to letting go - fear of making mistakes and working through blocks

 — Awaken creative thinking

 — Knowing your colleagues more and connecting through painting

 — Introductions 
— Guided process while painting layers
— Extensive painting with background music  
— Debriefing / show & tell for those who choose  




2.5 hours


All materials for the painting process are included: 12" x 16" blank white canvas, brushes, paint trays, table covers, paint palettes, paper towels, water cups, and music.  We'll be using acrylic paint - water-soluble and quick
drying. These paints will dry to a beautiful finish.

Workshops take place at your business.

Your room must have the capacity to accommodate:
- Each participant having a chair and a table to work on
- One separate table for the paints (minimum size 6 ft long)

- One separate chair for the instructor 

- The room must have a working electrical outlet (for the music)
- A separate table for warm or cold drink (water) for the participants

- A microphone if the group is large

Note:  Wear clothes you don't mind getting a little paint on.

- $90.00 / participant (minimum of ten people required - 20 max)

More is not always the merrier when it comes to our workshops. In order to create a truly valuable experience, give your attendees the personal attention they deserve by planning for smaller group sizes.
- Setup and breakdown / $100.00

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We came back as creative, energized, life-loving individuals!

I loved hearing about my  co-

workers experiences  during

the de-briefing; so much fun!

The painting workshop was extra ordinary.  I can see this being used as a therapeutic tool for building self-esteem.