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No experience with drawing or painting is necessary. There is no such thing as a mistake. This is not about learning to paint or creating a beautiful piece of art. This practice is about giving yourself full permission to simply try things, to follow your natural impulses, and to see what happens. Process is Queen.


This unique approach is about letting go of expectations, experimenting, and allowing your creativity to unfold naturally.  No two people paint alike.  Some

people will paint images, some will paint color and texture, and some will paint words..I invite in a range of painting experiences from healing/therapeutic process

painting to spontaneous creative expressions without "meaning." 

You have dedicated painting time to paint with or without individual conversations  with me. Some people like to paint in silence, while others need time and a conversation with me to help them get unstuck or expand in some way. 


I love music…..I play beautiful background music from a variety of cultures–vocal, instrumental, all kinds.


4 hours  (plus break for lunch)


All materials for the painting process are included: 20" x 20" blank white canvas, brushes, paint trays, stencils, table covers, paint palettes, paper towels, water cups, and music.  We'll be using acrylic paint - water-soluble and quick drying.   


$150 / participant

Interested in finding out more about our workshops? Get in touch!

Process is Queen!

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