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A lively music sound track sets the pace for this fun and interactive workshop. We'll take you on a journey - filled with painting activities story telling, painting the outline of the Buddha's face while incorporating the topics of kindness and compassion at the workplace and in our lives. An "art show and tell" along with laughter, smiles and applause wraps up the session. 


Through a guided process, we'll create layers of colors freely on a 12" x 16" white blank canvas using acrylics as we weave in our own personal stories about kindness and compassion.  Each layer will show you a deeper layer of yourself.  We'll paint an outline of Buddha's face. Once we add a few more colors and layers, we'll start to see our Buddha come forward. 


No experience with drawing or painting is necessary. There is no such thing as a mistake.  This is not about learning to paint or creating a beautiful piece of art; it’s about the process - the journey and having fun.

Hang your painting in your office!  Create an inspirational wall at your workplace and feature all the paintings! It will be a reminder of the workshop and will be a talking point for many years to come.


— Understanding the importance & benefits of Kindness and Compassion

 in the workplace & in our lives.

— Knowing your colleagues more and connecting through painting & story telling.

— Appreciating each other’s work and quirks. 



— Introduction

— Awakened heart practices through guided process while painting layers

— Story telling through our paintings - Kindness & Compassion

— Extensive painting with music

— Art show & tell (for those who choose)  




2.5 hours


All materials for the painting process are included: 12" x 16" white blank canvas, brushes, painting trays, table covers, paint palettes, paper towels, water cups, and music. We’ll be using acrylic paint - water-soluble and quick drying.  These quality paints will dry to a beautiful finish.



Workshops take place at your business.

The room must have the capacity to accommodate:

- Each participant having a chair and table to work on 

- A separate table for the paint (minimum 6 ft long)

- A separate chair for the instructor

- A working electrical outlet in the room (for the music)

- A separate table for warm or cold drink (water) for the participants

- A microphone for a large group.

Note:  Wear clothes you don't mind getting a little paint on.



 — $90.00 / participant (minimum of ten people is required)

 — Setup and breakdown / $50.00

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You see a different side of your colleagues. The workshop was fun and creative!

I had a GREAT experience with this workshop. I've learned so much about myself.

Yesterday was Amazing!  The group had a great time  and everyone was buzzing the next day.  It was the perfect team building event.