Journey On Painting


A lively music sound track sets the pace for this fun and interactive workshop. We'll take you on a journey filled with painting activities, music, story telling about Kindness and Compassion at the workplace while you paint a Buddha. 

No experience with drawing or painting is necessary. There is no such thing as a mistake.

Through a guided process, you'll create layers of colors freely on a 12" x 16" white blank canvas using acrylics, weaving in your own personal story about kindness and compassion. Each layer will show you a deeper layer of yourself. You'll paint an outline of Buddha's face. Once you start adding a few more colors and layers, you'll start to see your Buddha come forward. An "art show and Tell" along with laughter, smiles and applause wraps up the session.

Below are a few of our participant paintings. Create an inspirational wall at your workplace and feature all the paintings! 


— Knowing your colleagues more while connecting through painting & story telling about Kindness and Compassion at the workplace.

— Appreciating each other’s work and quirks. 



— Introduction

— Story telling through our paintings - Kindness & Compassion

— Extensive painting with music

— Art show & tell (for those who choose)  




2.5 hours


All materials for the painting process are included: 12" x 16" white blank canvas, brushes, painting trays, table covers, paint palettes, paper towels, water cups, and music. We’ll be using acrylic paint - water-soluble and quick drying.  These quality paints will dry to a beautiful finish.



Workshops take place at your business.

The room must have the capacity to accommodate:

- Each participant having a chair and table to work on 

- A separate table for the paint (minimum 6 ft long)

- A separate chair for the instructor

- A working electrical outlet in the room (for the music)

- A separate table for warm or cold drink (water) for the participants

- A microphone for a large group.

Note:  Wear clothes you don't mind getting a little paint on.



 — $90.00 / participant (minimum of ten people is required - 20 max)

More is not always the merrier when it comes to our workshops. In order to create a truly valuable experience, give your attendees the personal attention they deserve by planning for smaller group sizes.

 — Setup and breakdown / $100.00

Interested in finding out more about our workshops? Get in touch!


You see a different side of your colleagues. The workshop was fun and creative!

Loved the show and tell; so much fun!

Yesterday was Amazing!  The group had a great time  and everyone was buzzing the next day.  It was the perfect team building event.

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