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Monthly Painting Session – Team Bonding

More and more, people are beginning to look for other avenues to promote well-being.  Painting provides a relief and a connection that people crave on a very deep level.  It’s an element of coming home. 


Consider making one afternoon each month an “unplugged afternoon”.

Sometimes, employees at the same company might struggle to mesh with one another especially as everyone comes from different backgrounds.  As a valuable activity to boost morale and communication in the workplace, the monthly painting sessions are unexpectedly effective.

In these monthly sessions, you are free to paint whatever you wish and they're non-guided.  Come in – get some paint on your tray and paint away!  It’s all about harmony, letting go, bonding with your team and simply having fun.  Participants can leave the session with paintings in hand!



— Each painting session will be 1hr – 1 ½ hrs.

— $30.00 per participant  - minimum of 6 participants required per session. A minimum of 3 painting sessions needed to be scheduled throughout the day. (These sessions may be "theme" based or customized to fit your company’s needs)

— Setup and breakdown / $50.00



All materials will be provided: 12" x 16" blank white canvas, brushes, paint trays, table covers, paint palettes, paper towels, sponges, water cups, and music. We'll

be using acrylic paint, a water-soluble, quick drying non-toxic paint. These quality paints will dry to a beautiful finish.


Note: Wear clothes you don't mind getting a little paint on. 


Monthly sessions takes place at your business.
— One room - Each participate having a chair and a table to work on

— A working electrical outlet for the music 

— One table and chair for the instructor
— A separate table for art supplies (minimum 6 ft long)
— A separate table for warm or cold drink (water) for participants

Interested in finding out more about our workshops? Get in touch!


An afternoon with great people, good music and lots

of paint! 

This was a terrific experience, creative and nurturing!  My first time painting!

  Enjoyable  and relaxing! 

It was nice getting to know 

co-workers from other departments while