Brushing Kindness offers lively and creative workshops on Kindness and Compassion

at the workplace through a painting project called

"Changing Work through Art & Kindness".

Two simple words.  "Be Kind"

That's it!  Sounds so easy right?

Sometimes we forget how easy it is

to spread some good vibes around us.

 Our Workshops


A Zen Affair ~ Painting Buddha

For Private Groups & Partnership Bookings  

Feeling the itch to do something different?  Enjoy a Zen afternoon or evening by awakening your inner artist with an acrylic painting that will flow into one cohesive experience.  You will be playing and layering colors, working with acrylic inks, molding paste and adding gold, silver and copper leaf.  This is about learning to "let go" while exercising non-attachment and exploring and expressing your voice!  The art is in the letting go! 

Check out a few of our participant paintings

Our workshops and painting sessions can be executed at Retreat Centers, Conferences, Hotels, Resorts - "Paint Night" for your guests, Paint it Forward - Fundraisers, individual retreats, spas, and for private individual bookings.  

For questions about our corporate workshops, partnerships, private bookings, comments or to say "Hello" click below.

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